Services & Investment

1. Personal Coaching

One-on-One Coaching for individuals looking to set, plan and take action steps on goals for personal or professional development.

Each session duration is 50 minutes, virtually held on Zoom.


The client chooses the frequency of their coaching.

2. Group Coaching Workshops

  Do you have 3 to 4 friends or co-workers who are also interested in being coached on the same topic? Looking for a more affordable coaching option and to learn with other people's experiences? Coaching Workshops for small groups might be a great option!

Duration of Workshop: 90 minutes

Trio Workshop - 20 minutes of individual coaching per participant.

Quartet Workshop - 15 minutes of individual coaching per participant.

Firstly, we are going to talk about the topic chosen. Then we will have each individual sharing their goals and being coached.


Important Notes About Workshops and Group Coaching:

1) Due to its faster nature, workshops are best suited for less complex topics that can be explored in a shorter timeframe. More time-consuming topics would benefit from personal coaching sessions.

2) Please be mindful of what you would be 100% comfortable sharing in a group setting.

3) By participating in the group, you agree to respect other people’s privacy and be courteous, and you understand that I am not responsible for anyone else’s actions.

  • Investment (pricing for 2020):

I don't know about you, but I like it when people give me their prices upfront. So I will use "The Golden Rule" here.

(If you are comparing quotes, you will probably notice that I am keeping my rates very affordable for this year, while so many people are struggling financially due to the pandemic. It's a way to make coaching more accessible for those who can greatly benefit from it at this time.)

Personal Coaching:

  • Individual Session: US$ 80.00

(50 minutes)

  • 4 Sessions Package: US$ 280.00

(book as you want within a year)

  • 6 Sessions Package: US$360.00

(book as you want within a year)

Group Coaching Workshops:

  • Trio Workshop: US$ 40.00 per person Total = US$120.00 per session

  • Quartet Workshop: US$ 35.00 per person Total = US$140.00 per session

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