Silver Linings

I know it’s hard to give space to silver linings when the downsides can be so difficult to handle. Sounds so Polyanna-ish. It actually is. Seeing the bright side in pain can look like such a naïve task. Still, we might crave making sense of it all. We might need to find the good in the bad, the sense of a higher lesson in our evolution journey.

Loss of lives, loss of jobs, loss of the routine we used to have in pre-covid times. Some develop anxiety, some minimize it all. It is affecting people in different ways. We are in this together and not. Perceptions, values, stands vary. But I think it is safe to say that this pandemic has affected the majority of people to a certain degree.

The division is the furthest from the silver lining. Disconnection, anger and lack of empathy can damage the lining of the fabric of us altogether. It’s what makes a terrible situation even worse.

Are there really lessons in this? Of course, if you lost a loved one, that pain takes precedence over any learning process. If you fought for your life, that bravery takes precedence too. If you lost your job, survival is what occupies the mind.

However, for many whose disruption of life were less devastating - while still difficult and upsetting, such as canceling vacations, missing birthdays and Sunday brunches with Grandma - maybe the silver linings are an invitation to reinvention, to make something deeper out of a very tough situation.

And that brings the question: what are you going to do to implement - now or later down the road - the newly achieved awareness? Is it going to fizzle back into oblivion or evoke profound change?

Your call.

Finding the silver lining can be tough. However, speaking of precious metals, the golden rule still shines as the noble guideline to universal connection. Think of others. Be kind. That’s always on demand.

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