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Aulas Particulares


  • Individual: US$ 25.00 (60 min)

  • 2 people: US$ 40.00 ($ 20.00 per person - 60 min)

  • 3 people: US$ 45.00 ($ 15.00 per person - 60 min)

​ - English (ESOL) for students at all learning levels.

- Brazilian Portuguese lessons.

- TOEFL exam preparation classes.

- ​​Online lessons via Zoom - learn conveniently from anywhere.

Methodology and Philosophy

I work with private students and also for international language companies, and my students are adults/professionals.

Each company has an approach and there are a few different methods in language teaching, including Grammar and Translation, Direct, or Natural, and Communicative Language Teaching (CLT).


Emphasis on the 4 skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking - varies according to the student's goals, but I try to integrate all of them.

I prefer to avoid labeling my tutoring style, as I like to use all elements in my classes, instead of rigidly adopting one over the other. Teachers and students have diverse personalities and strengths, therefore I try to connect with the person and take their needs, skills, and pace into consideration. That's one of the main advantages of private tutoring.

With that said, CLT is an approach I like, because communication is the ultimate goal in language acquisition. However,  grammar is also an integral part of my programs because it is a foundation that can give reassurance and confidence to learners who are using a new language - at any level. Of course, conversational activities are just as important - it is the balance of all different methods that facilitate the learning process.


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Let me explain all these acronyms first.

  • ESOL = English for Speakers of Other Languages - I use this one more often because it is an umbrella term for both ESL and EFL. It refers to non-native speakers learning English anywhere in the world - regardless of if they are in an English-speaking country or not. It is also more encompassing - after all, English might not be someone's second language, but third, fourth...


Other common acronyms are ESL = English as a Second Language - Native speakers of other languages learning in a country where English is the official language. Example: Immigrants or visitors here in the U.S. who wish to learn English.EFL = English as a Foreign Language - Learning English in a non-English-speaking country. Example: Students in Brazil who want to learn or improve their English for traveling, work opportunities, and personal relationships, 


I offer lessons for adults at all levels - Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced. Also preparation classes for the TOEFL exam.

Aulas de inglês para todos os níveis de aprendizado e preparação para o TOEFL.

I am certified in TESOL/TEFL and TOEFL Prep:

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Following a similar approach similar to my ESOL tutoring, I offer Brazilian Portuguese private lessons online for adults who need to achieve professional or personal goals. I will introduce you to the Brazilian language and culture while going over situations, grammar points, and, eventually, conversation. 

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